Dual-Position Seatpost


The best position for every part of every ride

The Redshift dual-position seatpost lets you switch between road and aero positions on the fly.


"and" is faster than "or"

The dual-position seatpost lets you adapt on-the-fly to conditions you encounter during your ride. Climb comfortably in the road position and hammer the flats in the aero position.


Aero + Fit = Speed

Aerobars alone are only half of the aero equation. The seatpost's forward position replicates the steeper seat tube angle of a tri bike, opening your hip angle and letting you ride comfortably and powerfully in the aero position.


Part of the Switch Aero System

Together with the Redshift Quick-Release Aerobars, the Dual-Position Seatpost gives you a truly integrated aero position, without abandoning your normal road setup.


Dial your fit

The patent-pending linkage design maintains constant saddle-to-pedal distance in both positions, ensuring proper leg extension in road and aero. You can also dial in up to 5 degrees of additional forward tilt in the aero position vs. the road position.