Can I use the Switch Seatpost if I have a bike with a non-round seatpost?

Unfortunately, if the portion of the seatpost that goes into the bike frame is not round, you won't be able to fit the Switch Seatpost on your bike. We're considering some future products that will let non-round seatpost owners get the same advantages of the Switch Seatpost. Stay tuned!

Why does the saddle look like it's moving up in the forward position?

We designed the Switch Seatpost to maintain constant bottom-bracket to saddle height in both positions. Because of the geometry of a road bike, this means the seat has to move up and forward to maintain the correct riding position. So it is slightly higher (relative to the ground) in the forward position.  This ensures that you maintain proper leg extension in both positions.

Will the seatpost change positions accidentally while I'm riding?

We specifically chose the angles of the four-bar linkage so that the saddle will be completely stable in both positions. If you're in the seated position, you have to actively lift your body weight in order to move the saddle in either direction. The seatpost also has a built-in spring loaded stop that clicks firmly into both positions, so if you're riding out of the saddle, the seatpost stays securely in place, even when riding over rough roads.

How much offset does the seatpost have? How much forward travel?

In the road position, the seatpost has 16mm of rearward offset (distance between the seatpost centerline and the saddle clamp centerline), similar to most road seatposts. The seatpost travels 50mm between the road and aero positions, resulting in an aero position that has 34mm of forward offset.

What diameter are the aerobar extensions?

We're using industry "standard" 22.2mm diameter extensions, so if you already have a set of aero extensions, it's likely that you can use them with the Switch Aero Bars.

Is the Switch Aero System legal for racing?

The Switch Aero System is legal for use in any non-draft-legal triathlon (which is the vast majority of triathlons in the US and internationally). Both the seatpost and aerobars are legal for use in any USAT-sanctioned event or Ironman-branded event. For cycling events, the Quick-Release Aerobars are legal for any race in which standard clip-on aerobars are permitted. However, the seatpost may not be legal for use in cycling events sanctioned by the ITU, UCI, or USAC. For these events, please consult a rules official to determine legality.