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DC Rainmaker - In-Depth Review of the Redshift Sports Switch Aero System

"Overall I’m really impressed with the Redshift system.  It performs exactly as you’d anticipate and does so without any issues.  The fit flexibility of the system is on par with most aerobar systems on the market, yet with the significant added benefit of being able to remove the aerobars on demand.  Meanwhile, the seatpost is highly unique in the market and fills the gap for folks wanting to be able to maintain a better fit across both road and triathlon positions."


Triathlete Magazine - 2016 Buyer's Guide

"Redshift launched its Quick-Release Aerobars a few years ago, and they remain a great option for people looking to outfit their road bikes with aerobars. The bars are ideal for the athlete who owns just one bike and uses it for both group rides and triathlon. You can install or remove the bars in seconds without compromising a fine-tuned fit. Even without the quick-release feature, these bars would be near the top of our list—they are well made and have a ton of fit adjustability."


Triathlete Magazine - June 2014 Review

"The Switch Aero System allows a single road bike to comfortably accommodate an aerodynamic position while preserving the road position...We tested the system on the road and found the two-position seatpost to be very secure. It never accidentally shifted between settings, even over rough roads. The aerobars are comfortable and, despite the quick release, felt as solid as any ordinary clip-on"


Triathlete Magazine - 2014 Buyer's Guide

"These bars will make life much more convenient for athletes who want to install aero bars on a road bike for racing and solo training but want to remove them before a Saturday group ride."


ERO Sports - Aero Testing the Switch Aero System

"There's no doubt the Switch Aero System is beneficial to anyone who wants to place aero bars on their road bike. Both biomechanically and aerodynamically, it makes perfect sense. For bike fitting, it takes the headache away from doing so, and it could very well be a better, faster solution for climb-heavy triathlons. Setup is easy, quality is high, and there's no doubt a benefit to using the Switch Aero System. ERO highly recommends it's use."


220 Triathlon - November 2014 First Look

"The aim of the Switch Aero System is to give triathletes more adjustability and race-day versatility options"


Jarred's Cycling - Redshift Switch Aero System Review

"Really the Redshift Switch Aerosystem is a great setup for anyone who uses one road bike to compete in both triathlon and traditional road riding. The versatility between both setups on the same bike is completely unparalleled."


LA Times - Redshift Switch Aero System Review

"Instantly turns your everyday road bike into a tri-bike...Being able to go back and forth at will to match my mood and the terrain definitely kept my legs fresher, firing my muscles differently and unkinking my aero-position stress...Combining the aerobars with Redshift's Dual-Position Seatpost gives you the ultimate quick-change machine, with the speed and efficiency of a true aero position, and the quick handling and comfort of a normal road bike."


Road Bike Review - The Lowdown: Redshift Sports Switch Aero System

"Bottom line, Redshift provides a compelling, easy to install and easy to use solution for roadies who dabble in triathlon and new triathletes who don’t want to spend a fortune on aero gear...The seatpost ... was a revelation. It was easy to shift from “road” to “tri” position by giving a tug or a push with your hand on the nose of the seat. This was welcome relief to be able to swap these positions."

Gear Patrol - Want This, Get This: Cervélo P2 or Redshift Switch Aero System

"So for $300 you can modify your road bike for triathlon, including the seat tube angle ... you do get to reap the benefits of tucking into the aero position, at a price that makes your jump into triathlon a reversible decision"