Quick-Release Aerobars


Alpe d'Huez today, Kona tomorrow

The Redshift quick-release aerobars let you
choose the best setup for every ride.


Transform your bike in seconds

Attach or remove the aerobars in seconds, without using any tools. The patent-pending quick-release dovetail clamp locks the aerobars securely in the same position every time.


Find your perfect fit

A huge range of adjustability lets you dial in your ideal aero position. Easily change pad width, stack height, and extension reach, and choose between multiple extension shapes to match your riding style.


Part of the Switch Aero System

Together with the Redshift Dual-Position Seatpost, the Quick-Release Aerobars give you a truly integrated aero position, without abandoning your normal road setup.


Integrated accessories

The optional computer mount and water bottle mount integrate seamlessly with the aerobars, letting you carry all of your gear effortlessly. Say goodbye to zip ties and duct tape.