ShockStop Suspension Stem (Estimated Ship Date 3/24/2017)


Make Every Road a Perfect Road

The ShockStop Suspension Stem smooths out imperfections in the road.


the Shock-Absorbing Bike Stem

An adjustable-stiffness suspension stem that smooths out your ride; perfect for performance cyclists, recreational riders, and commuters.

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Bikes should be comfortable, but ride more than a few miles and you realize very quickly that bikes are stiff, and they transmit every little bump straight to your hands and arms. After a while those impacts and vibrations make it hard to enjoy the ride.

The ShockStop stem does what gloves and extra bar tape can't: it isolates your upper body from the imperfections of the road, letting you ride further, faster, and more comfortably.


The patent-pending ShockStop is designed from the ground up specifically for road and hybrid bikes - the suspension travel, weight, feel, and aesthetics are finely tuned to perfectly complement modern bikes and the roads we ride on.


We offer a variety of different lengths and angles with adjustable stiffness so that everyone from performance cyclists to recreational riders and commuters can find the perfect fit.





The ShockStop dramatically improves the quality of your ride, without compromising steering responsiveness or detracting from the aesthetic of the bike. The subtle pivot design allows the front end of the bike to move up and down over bumps in the road while your hands follow a smoother path, cushioned by the elastomers inside the stem.


In testing, the ShockStop reduced peak forces transmitted to the hands by up to 70% when compared to a standard stem. And road buzz? Forget about it. The ShockStop eats it right up.


Unwanted vertical movement is absorbed by the elastomers, but lateral motion (i.e. steering input) is directly transmitted into the fork, so your bike feels just as responsive as the day you bought it. 

Each stem comes with a number of different stiffness elastomers that can be swapped out, letting you tune the ShockStop's road-feel to match your riding style.



The ShockStop uses the same sealed cartridge bearings that are used in high-end mountain bike suspension pivots, and the forged aluminum components are extremely torsionally rigid, so climbing and sprinting feel completely natural. The travel is also specifically limited to 1-2 centimeters (6°) - enough to provide amazing cushioning against most road impacts, without affecting the geometry or handling of your bike.


So what does it feel like? In a word: smooth. Road buzz is almost completely eliminated and impacts from larger bumps and cracks are dramatically muted.

Twin interchangeable elastomers let each rider fine-tune the road feel to perfectly match their own riding style. Racers, triathletes, and competitive riders can choose firmer settings to retain a more traditional front-end feel, while commuters, fitness enthusiasts, and endurance riders can dial in a softer feel to maximize comfort.





Yes! The ShockStop will fit virtually all road, hybrid, and triathlon bikes. If your bike has a threadless stem (similar the the picture on the left), then it's an easy swap. If you're bike has a quill stem (like the picture on the right), it's still easy, but you will also need a separate quill stem adapter (commonly available for $10-$15 USD).


Installing the ShockStop is simple - you'll need a couple of standard hex wrenches (these are part of every bike multitool) and a few minutes.


On the handlebar side, the stem clamps to 31.8mm handlebars and includes shims for 25.4mm and 26.0mm bars. This covers pretty much all road, hybrid, and commuter bikes.

The ShockStop also comes in a variety of lengths and angles with adjustable elastomers so everyone will be able to find a perfect fit.