We are incredibly lucky to have a passionate group of cyclists and triathletes using our products.  Here is a sampling of some of the feedback and independent reviews we've received from our amazing customers:

"I recently purchased a Redshift Dual-Position Seatpost and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. I feel it is truly a revolutionary product. I often switch between a forward position on my aerobars and a rearward road-riding position (for hills or just to vary my position for comfort), but until now I was never able to get into the ideal position for either type of riding, without having to get off the bike and adjust the saddle and seatpost every time-a pain in the neck. The Dual-Position Seatpost changes all of that. I can adjust my position instantly on the fly with no compromise in either position. And to be able to set up the seatpost so there is a different forward tilt for each position is icing on the cake, as I like to have the nose down a little in the TT position, and level in the road-riding position. Brilliant!

To put into perspective just how great I feel this is, my bike has Shimano Di2 electronic shifting, and I consider Di2 to be the top cycling-related invention of the past 10 years. For me, the Dual-Position Seatpost is a close 2nd!"

- Jon S.

"I just wanted to write a quick note and say thank you for excellent customer service and of course such an awesome product.  I have been thoroughly enjoying the seat post and aero bars since day 1 that I received them. Stephen, thanks again for answering my millions of questions and putting up with me!" 

- Woody B.

"A little feedback.  I did a 10 mile TT last night with the local cycling club.  I have only done one before and I was a full minute faster than before.  Some of the improvement will be conditioning but the bulk is probably from positioning.  Conditions were not ideal and most riders were slower than usual.    A couple of photos are attached showing your system in action.  I have one set of spacers in – seeing the photos I think I will remove them. (You might see I am wearing Giro d’Italia kit – we are getting very excited here because the Giro starts in Belfast on May 10th.  Biggest sporting event we have ever had in Northern Ireland)."

"Also, last weekend I did 2 x 31 Km laps of our local half ironman course (we call it the Ireman).  The first lap in a road bike position.  Second lap on the new set up (but not always on the aero bars because of hills, traffic, junctions etc).  I did not take a break between laps and would normally slow by 2-3 % at a set heart rate.  The second lap was nearly 2 minutes faster than the first lap, at the same heart rate and a slightly lower power output.  (0.9 Km/Hr faster on the second lap). Not too shabby, as we say here ..."

- Neil C.

"Very impressed!  Loved the ease of toggling back and forth between road and aero position.  Positioned me perfectly for minimum drag and max bio mechanical advantage.  Awesome!"

- Frank C.

"I love the ease of removing the aero bars and the confidence knowing that the position is exact when installed back on the bike. Did I mention how simple the bars are to take on and off, 2 seconds max? I’m new to road biking and Triathlon and wasn’t sure if I could justify a second bike for Tri’s, so glad I bought this set instead. Only thing is I forget to switch the seat back and forth, never had that option before. (Maybe redshift can engineer a little butt poker when you drop into aero position it reminds you to shift the seat, LOL)."

"I did my first Triathlon July 4th weekend and as I was setting up the Bike I forgot the aero bars in the car, ran back got them popped them on and had 2 people come check it out they were amazed how simple and no tools needed to take them on and off. Good quality and great product. I love mine."

- Shane N.

"I've had the Switch Aero System since launch and must say I'm very pleased with it. Some may know the history of this project, others may not, but life began as a kickstarter project. With kickstarter projects, there's always the worry that the initial product may have some issues, since widespread testing can't really be done until it gets into the hands of the users. Well worry not; the system is solid. The fit and finish is good, all the parts fit together nicely."

"I am very happy with the Switch system. As someone who spends most his time road riding, with only 3-4 triathlons a year, it was hard to make a strong enough case in the "court-of-the-significant-other" for a dedicated Tri bike. I have an appeal pending; until then... I use the Switch system for Tri training and racing; having just recently completed my first OLY with it. I have had no issues and it was easy to setup. The two inconspicuous quick release mounts stay on my road bike's handlebars at all times, but they're rarely noticed by anyone other than a bike tech-head."

"The movable seatpost is fantastic. I run an ISM Adamo Road saddle on it. One of my favourite aspects about the movable seatpost is that if I need to climb a very large hill, I can easily shift my position mid-race back to a more normal road-riding setup; spin up the hill and then just "click" (or switch - hehe) back into the aero position and power on. I also found cockpit setup relatively straightforward. The only thing to be aware of is that you'll need to run your seatpost what seems to be much lower than you normally might because the mechanism at the top takes up a lot of space - so it's an illusion, but something to note. For completeness' sake, I have the carbon S-bends and am very happy with them."

"Overall, I really couldn't be happier and I tend to be extremely critical of everything I use."

- Amazon Reviewer

"Just got the Aero system on the website, delivered to Ireland. I have to say I am well impressed. I just took 8 minutes off my 40K time. The same Bike, Same Conditions, Same route, same rider (Although a bit more tired this week after after running a 5k this morning). Last week I had got my time to the best ever. This week with your product I have shaved 8 more minutes off my time, and to be honest far less effort. Well Done Redshift! Super product!"

- Don R.

" I wouldn't normally write a review, but this has easily been the best purchase I have ever made for my bike - both the product and the service, so would really like to provide my thanks."

- Peter S.